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Suntrace established in 2009 as a consulting company specialized on large-scale solar power plants. It advises on Photovoltaics (PV) and Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP). Suntrace has obtained references as an independent expert for solar energy projects particularly in emerging solar markets such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Southern and Northern Africa. In total, Suntrace has advised on more than 4 000 MW of PV and CSP projects in over 27 different countries. Suntrace headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany. The company has branches and partners in Spain, India, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco and Namibia.

Suntrace expertise combines solar resource, engineering and financing competence in an inter- disciplinary team. Hence, the company is able to provide a holistic project development approach for large-scale solar energy projects covering a broad range of services from the initial project idea until final realization.


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