HelioScale Alpha

HelioScale α is an all-in-one solution for PV plants. This station is equipped with a Secondary Standard Pyranometer (ISO 9060) to measure Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI). IEC 61725 recommends the use of Secondary Standard Pyranometers to determine the Performance Ratio (PR) of PV plants. An additional silicon-based sensor in the station gives redundancy to provide an even closer PV output match. Due to its high accuracy combined with ease of cleaning and maintenance, HelioScale α is suitable for all stages of PV projects: feasibility studies, engineering, due diligence, bankability, operation and monitoring of PV plants.

With HelioScale, α you acquire an all-in-one solution that provides all fundamental solar radiation and meteorological parameters. HelioScale α is all you need to perform a successful analysis and assessment of solar resource and PV potential. We offer:

  • Qualified Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) data with a Secondary Standard thermopile Pyranometer (conform to ISO 9060 & IEC 61725 standards) 

  • Robust stand-alone system with low maintenance requirements 

  • Off-grid power supply consisting on a photovoltaic system including 12 V back up batteries to ensure operation with low irradiance conditions
  • Daily data retrieval via mobile phone networks, satellite or radio connections 

  • A calibrated data logging system
  • Measurement data storage in 1-minute resolution for 1 year 

  • Various additional options concerning all meteorological 

The meteorological stations are engineered, assembled and tested by Wilmers Messtechnik. The stations are usually sold to the client, who then would be in charge of recalibration, operation and maintenance. Suntrace offers these services and quality control plus data analysis in an additional package. 


HelioScale Alpha Datasheet (English)
Detailed information about the HelioScale Alpha station
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HelioScale Datasheet Alpha (Arabic)
Detailed information about the HelioScale Alpha station
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HelioScale Datasheet Alpha (Portuguese)
Detailed information about the HelioScale Alpha station
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