Selected References

Vietnam - Solar Measurement Campaign 2017 - 2019

3 HS omega & 2 HS phi stations

for World Bank Group


Suntrace GmbH installed 5 HelioScale measurement stations on different sites in Vietnam for the World Bank Group ESMAP project.


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Maldives - Renewable Energy Resource Mapping 2014 - 2018

4 HS phi stations

for World Bank Group


After site identification and selection, Suntrace GmbH installed 4 HelioScale stations including O&M and data control for 24 month, verificatiion and calibration of instruments as well as capacity building and training.


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Namibia - Solar Measurements 2016 - 2033

1 HS phi station

for SunEQ GmbH


Suntrace GmbH installed one HelioScale measurement station as part of a full Solar Resource Assessment for SunEQ.

Bangladesh - Solar and Wind Measurements 2017 - 2019

HS omega station & wind LiDAR

for World Bank Group


Suntrace GmbH is leading the solar and wind measurement campaign under the World Bank Group ESMAP initiative over a two year period.


Germany - AVUS Automated In-situ Measurement of Soiling Rates & Spectra 2015 - 2018

HS omega & HS phi station

supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag



Suntrace GmbH installed 2 measurement stations for this research and development project. The project´s objective is to develope a device, which automatically measures the soiling rates on (potential) sites of solar power plants.

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